5 rules for avoiding wordiness improve writing by eliminating words

The texts may be weak and powerful-they can inform, convince, intimidate, warn or remain calm. And in order to achieve the goal of a certain text, you should know the basic rules about how to avoid that word

One of them says that in order to make your stories resonant with the audience, you should make it clear and precise. It is interesting to note that the study shows that some examples can be left in, but we will use the most common rules

In this article we would like to give you a few recommendations on how to avoid redundancy in texts, easily refine them, and turn all words into laconic words. Since this is a school/college where you most often encounter different texts, our guide will focus on scientific documents, and we offer a set of useful tips and guidance for students

The problem with Wordiness

The choice of words is one of the most difficult parts of writing and proofreading, especially when you create something academic This can help you http://www.learningindeed.org/ service-learning research summary

When you fight to just get words on a page, too many words are often the last thing you can do. But no matter what you write, fewer words to say more, always better than using more words to say less

Every word can decide your fate when it comes to a scientific record. Typically, students are provided with a set of requirements that must meet the requirements for a high score, and one is a number of words. This may cause you to fill in the text with redundant information, provide facts or some examples that are not important or interesting, and turn your assignment into a messy mess

The next time you are ready to assist you in a study, essay, or a laboratory report, take time to clarify and clarify, using our excellent recommendations

If you are working on text for a target, the primary task will be:

  • Make your statement clear
  • Provide the required support for the arguments
  • Help target audience understand the basic idea of your paper
  • This will help you avoid any "What If" and additional questions about the content of your work. That is why it is very important to eliminate any overflows of words-to create a clear and refined text. To stop fighting around a bush in their labor, we have prepared a set of recommendations!

    5 Wynjack aspects

    All bugs and things can be quite different, but there are some patterns of words that the professor would like you to get rid of. Here we will look at some of them and provide you with effective strategies for restoring text

    #1-dictionary phrases

    This is a common mistake to believe that adding words will make your paper paper more formal and important

    Here are some examples of how this method is used in action!

    There is a possibility that the author of the article was simply wrong, but in the light of the fact that he did not correct the error at this point in time, it is unlikely. (33 words)

    The author of the article may have been mistaken, but since he has not corrected the error, it is unlikely. (21 words)

    As a result of the exposure to smoke, there is a possibility that many firefighters should contact the hospital. (23 words)

    Due to the effects of smoke, many firefighters can go to the hospital. (17 words)

    Another common place to find extra words is small, untidy suggestions, which repeated the same information. This is the wordless type, which means the use of extra long sentences filled with abstract language and overlaid with junctions. A short sentence contains information that does not need to be alone and can be combined with the surrounding conditions to create new proposals that use fewer words

    The main character in

    The main character in

    Be in the search for proposals that start with "

    The sofa and the table belong to my neighbor. They won't sell in the garage sale

    The sofa and my roommate's desk will not be sold in the garage sale

    Many students also tend to remind the reader of something that has already been mentioned or obvious, and this is the wrong way. This applies not only to the repetition of the same information several times in the writing process, but also to the meaningless bifurcation (simple/elementary, understanding/idea), superfluous verb or adjectives (return away, fall down, final result), and so on. We invite you to consider using more precise words and combinations to make the text clear

    #3 Useless words and phrases

    When you write, there is no need to repeat the same thing twice, but many common phrases do. When you say there's something. "

    Be careful when changing words that are not needed. For example, "

    Lincoln thought it was very important for Congress to pass the bill before the end of the year

    Lincoln thought it was important that Congress pass the bill before the end of the year

    The teppe is the phrase "

    The teacher must pass the exams

    Three people know the combination to the safe

    Married with non-final verbs (unmerged verbs with "

    She checked the participants at the conference and handed the gift bags

    My roommate wanted to

    My roommate wanted to, but I told her that the noise was gonna break our landlord

    Know your audience and trust them to fill the obvious and implied information in the proposal. The positional phrases that tell the reader what they already know can be cut

    When we had dinner at the restaurant, I ordered a salmon from the waiter and my friends, and I shared a piece of cheesecake between us. (The reader knows you are

    In the restaurant, I ordered salmon, and my friends and I shared a piece of cheesecake

    4. Transparency and brevity

    Many unnecessary words are used in student essays for hedging, delay or uncertainty. When you write paper, you must be firm, not dancing around your argument with unnecessary completions, for example. "

    When you write, keep away from words and just say what you mean

    Studies show that students are more likely to complete their homework if they are allowed an extra hour to sleep. (21 words; also note that the additional intuitive command has been modified.)

    The author uses an image of nature to show how the characters are connected to their spirituality

    The final step in reading correctly the paper for the multiplicity is through the line, and ask yourself whether each word performs a unique and important task in the sentence. Find all the words you don't need

    That's the hardest part of the deposition. After you make every effort to get offers on the page, it may be painful for them to be erased, but it's important that you be ruthless in editing

    If you find a phrase that is repetitive or repetitive, remove it or rewrite it to get rid of wordiness. This can make it more difficult if you try to limit the word, but it will improve the quality of your record

    If you think the proposals are still worshipped, the monotonicity of the text will help you fix it. It should always be remembered that three long (less than 10 words) or short (more than 10) sentences in the string are difficult to perceive. In reviewing and revising the assignment, attention should be paid to consistency and coherence. Your text can be polished as a brilliant but complex reader

    Thank you for stopping and reading our article to avoid the word. I hope our recommendations on this topic will help you write only the perfect texts!